Although the “perfect” feminist syllabus is an impossible dream, many of us work towards this goal in our classes—for example, asking our students to study materials by little known female dramatists, to analyze canonical texts through the lens of feminist theories, or approach scene study with an understanding of the performativity of gender. Fantasy Feminisms is an opportunity for collaborative exploration of what it means to facilitate a feminist classroom, both in terms of curricula and pedagogical practices.

This site is a result of a roundtable session held at the Association for Theatre in Higher Education’s 2014 conference. We hope you find the resources here useful towards devising your own fantasy feminist syllabus. Please feel free to leave comments and questions throughout the site. If you would like to contribute your own materials, please email us at fantasyfeminisms@gmail.com. In the spirit of generating new networks among colleagues, we ask that if you would like to use the syllabi or assignments from the blog, you reach out to the creator of the teaching materials.

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