There are many ways you can contribute to this site:

  1. Submit a syllabus. These can be submitted as PDFs with your name as well as with or without watermarks. (See the five syllabi currently posted from the roundtable participants.)
  2. Submit a an assignment to share. As with the syllabi, these can be watermarked PDFs if that is your preference. Assignment write-ups can include information such as learning goals, timeframe, necessary materials, ideal class size, whether it is for intro or advanced students, rubrics, etc.
  3. Contact us about submitting a blog post (200-400 words) on any topic.
  4. Suggest resources such as articles, links to interviews, blogs, websites, Twitter accounts etc. We hope this section will eventually offer a substantial array of digital resources for the classroom and beyond.
  5. Comment on or ask questions about the materials on the site. We would like for the site to provide a space for online conversations about feminist pedagogy!

Please email submissions to

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